What if we told you it was possible to visit your local Heart Pharmacy less often. And when you arrived at the Pharmacy, we knew you would be coming. To make things even better, you would have a shorter wait time to pick up your prescription. Is this possible? It can be with something call medication synchronization.

The idea of medication synchronization is meant to make your life, Pharmacists workflow and your Doctor’s visit more productive. With medication synchronization, your Heart Pharmacist ensures that all your regular medications are ready to be picked up at the same time. No more does your thyroid medication run out in June, your blood pressure tablets in July and that blood thinner medication in August. During a quick visit, your Heart Pharmacy team can find a plan to have all your medications run out at the same time. You would only make one visit to the Pharmacy in August to pick up all three medications.

So why is this a good idea? There are a few reasons. The first is that you will never run out of your medications. Your Heart Pharmacy team will know when you will need more tablets and have them ready before you run out. We might even give you a phone call to give you a specific time when you can pick them up. Secondly, there will be fewer trips to the drugstore. We will still be there for you. When you visit, we can discuss important health questions and not routine medication pick up matters. Another good reason is you will visit your Doctor’s office for refill requests only once.

So what are you and your Pharmacist going to do with all this extra time on your hands? I will admit, it does not seem like that great of a time saver, but you would be surprised. Perhaps that extra time would be best spent with a Heart to Heart chat about your medications, medical conditions or other aspects of your health. With all your medications already prepared, your Heart Pharmacist can schedule an appointment time for you to pick them up. Let us help you get your medication schedule simplified.  Ask about medication synchronization with your Heart Pharmacist.


AuthorMonique de Moor