Your Heart Pharmacist is uniquely positioned to assist you in the management of diabetes.  Our pharmacists keep abreast of all the latest developments with respect to the treatment and management of this disease, impacting over two million Canadians.

There are three main types of diabetes.  Type 1 diabetes means your body doesn’t make insulin.  You will need to take insulin every day with this diagnosis because your body needs insulin to remove sugar from foods ingested.  The sugar is then converted to the energy your body needs to function.  You will need to take insulin daily with this diagnosis.  Type 2 diabetes, the most common, means your body doesn’t use insulin very well.  You may or may not have to take medication or insulin.  Gestational diabetes occurs in some women during pregnancy.  This condition usually disappears once the pregnancy is over.

At Heart Pharmacies we have made a commitment to assisting individuals in the day-to-day management of diabetes.  Our accessibility differentiates us from other key health care providers.  What can we do for you?


There are so many new medications, new ways to deliver insulin and new ways to monitor blood sugar levels in the treatment and management of diabetes.  A Heart pharmacist will provide you with this up-to-date information so that you discuss this with your primary health care provider, your doctor.  We take great pride in keeping current with all new developments in this field to better serve you.


Your Heart pharmacist will undertake a complete medication review for you.  This is important because it will identify any potentially negative drug interactions.  This is particularly to your benefit if you are taking medications prescribed by more than one doctor.  Your pharmacist may also be able to recommend less expensive medication for you, if this is an issue.  You can then discuss this with your doctor.


We will work with you to develop a plan for reaching your diabetes management goals as easily and effectively as possible.  Heart pharmacists will share new diabetes developments with you and assist you to incorporate these development into your day-to-day management of this disease.


Managing diabetes most often involves other healthcare providers.  Heart pharmacists have done their homework by establishing and maintaining a network of these professionals to better serve you.  You may wish to consult with dieticians, eye care specialists or podiatrists.  We can suggest referrals to suit your specific needs.

So how do you access the services that Heart pharmacists can provide? Just walk in, call, or email any one of our pharmacies to set up an initial consultation. This is the first step in developing a relationship with the Heart pharmacy of your choice.  Be assertive.  We are here to help you.

AuthorRasool Rayani