Did you know that...

Some medications may react with each other if taken at the same time?

To get the most from your medications, you need to take them when and as prescribed by your doctor?

Some medications need to be taken consistently in order to see results, and not all medications will make you feel differently?

Now more than ever, it pays to take control of your health by talking to your Peoples pharmacist. Our pharmacists are medication experts that can help you better understand your medications. Accessible and convenient, our pharmacists are available to help you with a variety of clinical pharmacy services, such as Medication Review Services, vaccinations, diabetes and asthma consultations, compounding, travel clinic services and more..

If you have taken at least five medications during the last six months you may benefit from a Medication Review. The aim of the service is to help you better understand your medications. When you understand your medications – why you are taking them, when to take them, and how to best take them – you make informed decisions and have greater ownership of your overall health.

The service provides you with a one-on-one consultation with your pharmacist to discuss your medications, including prescription medication, over-the-counter meds, vitamins and natural health products.


  • A one-on-one appointment with your pharmacist to discuss your medications;
  • Help you better understand your medications, including, how, why and when to take them for best results;
  • Identify any issues that you may be experiencing with your medications, such as an adverse drug reaction.
AuthorRasool Rayani