“We have always made sure our pharmacists are front and center”, said Naz Rayani. “In fact, you can always talk to our pharmacists and they are always eager to talk to our customers. That’s not the case in many big box stores.”

Access to expert pharmacists has always been a defining difference in service from  Naz Rayani’s Heart Pharmacies over the last 40 years of operation. In the last year, that superior level of service has evolved to a new level which few other pharmacies can match.

In the last year, the Ministry of Health has provided funding for pharmacists to offer detailed medication reviews. “Your pharmacist is your primary medication expert. We spend years studying the impact of medications and continue to refine our knowledge with continuing education,” said Ian Lloyd, pharmacy manager at Heart Pharmacy at Cadboro Compounding Pharmacy.

“We work closely with your physician and want you to receive the best possible medication therapy. With a medication review we can ensure that your combination of medications is safe and that they are working the way your physician intended”, said Ian.

“I have been very pleased by the reaction of our customers” said Mario Bruno Bossio, pharmacy manager at Fairfield Peoples Compounding Drug Mart. “When we conduct med reviews we are able to identify many opportunities for improvement. I frequently come across instances of drug induced nutrient depletion - when taking a prescription can cause the body to need more of an important nutrient. In those instances we can recommend the appropriate vitamin or supplement to address the problem.”

AuthorRasool Rayani