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HyperSext: Keeping Our Kids Strong & Safe in a Sexualized World

Location: Goward House, Lower Hall, 2495 Arbutus Road

Cost: $20  Proceeds go to The Victoria Foundation and CORE

Technology has forever changed the childhood landscape. In every town, at every school and in every family, children will inevitably be exposed to sexual material. It happens through social media, traditional media, friends, school and online, whether they seek it out or not.

As parents, we are not equipped to filter out everything that children are exposed to. Whether they stumble on a porn site online, witness disturbing sexual acts or fall victim to sexual victimization, children that are exposed to upsetting sexual messaging need help processing what they witness so that they can grow up to have a healthy view of sexuality and their own bodies.

As a clinical child psychologist and researcher in human sexuality, Dr. Jillian Roberts has guided parents and children grappling with issues around sexuality for more than two decades. This talk will help parents, teachers, counselors and mental health professionals proactively protect children and also equip them with the understanding and tools to work through the challenges when they do arise.

We’ve all heard stories of children who are pressured to engage in sexual acts by peers, stumble onto hard core porn while researching a science project, or have sent or received naked photos on their devices. This talk is for parents seeking a careful, thoughtful approach to navigating the most sexualized childhood landscape in modern history.

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